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Board meets

Board meets

Executive & Advisory Board

OMA Leadership for 2019-20

Name Email Role  Work Site
Alison Towery Sponsor Division of Instruction
Sylvia Fischer Secretary East Nursing Services
Kevin Kilpatrick Past President Gifted/Talented Programs
Victor Gonzalez Past President Beyond the Bell Branch
Jack Foote Past President Staff Relations , Adult Division
Maura Crossin OMA President Elect Certificated Placement & Assignments
Donna Horowitz OMA President District Nursing Services
Grace Guillen Advisor East Nursing Services
Araceli May Advisor Psychological Services
Nicole Niederdeppe Advisor Gifted/Talented Programs
Raissa White Advisor Arts Education Branch
Robert Grubb Advisor Gifted/Talented Programs

OMA Advisory & Executive Board



Section 1.   Membership. The Advisory Board shall consist of twelve (12) representatives chosen as stated in the Bylaws, and include elected officers.  Names of designees from each unit shall be e-mailed to the

Secretary by June 30th of each year.


Section 2.   Powers. Each representative shall be entitled to one (1) vote on actions of the Advisory Board.

This authority shall include the following powers:


  • To fix the times and places of its meetings, and to determine rules for the conduct of its business,

    subject to the approval of the Superintendent of Schools


  • To confirm the actions of the President with respect to all appointments of officers, committee

    members and other persons who are to represent the Organization


  • To approve the OMA meeting schedule and agendas


Section 3.  Duties. Duties of representatives to the Advisory Board include:


  • Attendance at all  Executive Board and general membership meetings (electronic, teleconference, email dialogs, etc.)


  • Serving as chairs of standing committees as needed


  • And providing two-way communication with unit members by meeting or electronic means as




Section 1.   Membership. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers of the

Organization, and the Past President.


Section 2.   Purpose. The Executive Board shall serve to assist the President plan the meetings of the

Organization and to review and recommend to the Advisory Board positions on current issues as well

procedures for actions to be taken by the Organization.


Section 3.   Executive Board Meetings. The Executive Board shall be chaired by the President, who shall

arrange and convene meetings or conference calls.  Normally the Executive Board will meet or

communicate within the two weeks prior to the next Advisory Board or Organization meeting. 


Section 4.   OMA Membership Meetings. Establish dates, times, locations and agendas for the OMA

meetings to be approved by the Advisory Board.